Clothing & Accessories

Nico Perez

How do you work the tropics and make it seem like you where born here,  with simple, tastful and refined lines. Nico Perez can jet-set any bogun. Using the finest fabrics and most faltering cuts, there is a reason why this line can be found in most of the 5 star locations around the island..

GAIA House of Shades

When your Ray Bans just don't cut it anymore, Gaia House of Shades has the answers; all the cool solutions for your nake eyes. Offering coveted brands like House of Hollad to Enika. This shops two locations has your covered..

Erika Pena

How else to edify the taste of Canggu then with a bit of Latin heat and a South Beach vibe. This gorgeous collection of affordable priced accessories does just that with its large over sized statement beaded necklaces to sculpted detailed skull and amulet gold rings. The next time you hit Samadi’s Sunday market for...

Kiki´s Closet

Tie-Dye and Sequins galore! These clothes are fun and electric. From fringed trimmed shorts to emoji and #’ed shirts, turn up the volume, this is a stand-out, notice me collection.

Niluh Djelantik

Home grown and fabulous, what else can we say, this Jakarta native has changed the way we look at a Bali tailor. It takes costume made to a new level.  If your looking for that must have pair of python pumps and a handbag to match, start here.

Magali Pascal Seminyak Store

The pinnacle of refined Bali bohemian, this French owned namesake label is the perfect mix of elegance, comfort and femininity. Monochrome silhouettes in beautiful silks, lace and rich cottons fill its shops; ParisianBourgeois Bohème in Bali.

Vintage Century

A beautiful collection of delicate, must have charms and accessories, that rev up the attention as you move from Deus to Jenja.


Bring your attitude with you. This ultra hip, I’m over it before you even knew it, emporium of goodies has all you need to make you part of the Canggu cognesity. A tasteful collection for both boys and girls made up of most of the Bali local designer greats..


Colorful, unique and ecological, this island chic brand will leave you well dressed and guilt free. Most of the materials are organic. All pieces are crafted in that conscience way that’s sure not to run havoc on  your karma.

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