Bites & Bubbles

Le Marche de l’Alsace a Table

A panier of French staples in Petitenget. It doesn't need the red and white gingham table cloth to charm you. Its wide array of cheese and saucisson that will. There's enough of an assortment of goodies here that will keep any tri-colored coq satiated..

Bali Buda

A local staple for organic and fresh baked goodies and produce, you can find it in five locations throughout Bali. Using locally sourced, organic and micro farm raised ingredients in everything they make, you can taste the wholesomeness in each bite. Our weakness is for the gluten free organic spirulina balls..

Canggu Deli Station

A one stop shop for all your market needs. The selection is limited but you'll find what you need, fresh produce, a meat and cheese counter, baked goods and wine along with your favorite cereal and biscuits too..

The Pantry

If your in Sanur and looking for a market, this is the quick and easy. With a limited but always fresh variety of produce, imported cheeses and well rounded meat counter you'll find what your looking for. Don't fret, there is a wine counter in the back..

Dijon Café

Shop. Cafe. Catering.  If you have a hunger for imported goodies, your sure to find them here. Dijon was the first international "deli" on the Island. It's stocked with a well sorted selection of sought after yummies, fresh produce, imported cheeses and meats and all the dry good to fill your needs.  If your not...


Hello heaven! Let's put down those Bintang bottles. On the edge of Seminyak, you'll discover a good selection of imported wines at affordable prices. With a monthly selection of discounted wines, you'll find something to take with you..

Bali Catering Company

Bali's premier catering company committed to the fabulous! What's a party with out the right center piece and top service. If they're good enough for Miss Universe,  Jennifer Hawkins wedding, they're good enough for you!.

VIN + Wine Bar and Shop

Perched on the edge of Petitenget and Seminyak, this, you can't miss, bamboo structure of a birds nest, houses over 18,000 bottles of wine. So if your in the mood to cater to that bacchanalian spirit, this is your spot..

Jimbaran fish market

Definitely a 5 senses experience!!! Stroll through the local fish market and take your pick! This market is bursting with fish, lobsters, jumbo prawns, calamari, clams and so much more at local prices…really local prices!!! 20$ for a kilo of lobster…! You can imagine the rest!!! Once you’ve done your shopping, come out of the market and...

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