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Welcome  to Bali. Indulge your sense of freedom. Explore the abundant energy of this truly vibrant Island. Enchanting and unexpected gems rest on every corner, a mixed array of beaches catering to all your desired senses, stunning sunrises and sunsets, unspoiled rice fields that extend past your eyes horizon, the latest in hotel and restaurant trends and a friendly nightlife scene that will leave you breathless
Bulgari Bali

Discrete, tropical luxury, perched above the white sandy beaches of Uluwatu....

The Niche Bali Hotel

Experience the excitement of Bali without breaking the bank. This budget...

Latest & Greatest
La Sicilia

The reason to get back to Seminyak. We had a sneak peek and a sip or two last week…

Shanghai Baby Bali

A trifecta of fabulousness! This highly anticipated new addition to Seminyak is a must. Decorated to the nines in…

Shady Shack

Canggu just got a bit more fresh. This tropical oasis of yummy is open for breakfast and lunch. With…

PlayGround Canggu

A concept shop at the golden triangle of Canggu that offers up that something more. Part gallery, part work…

Bali Portraits

Mr. Monsieur Spoon, Rafi Papazian

Delicate and sweet, rich and sumptuous, and we are not talking about pastries; introducing our next Bali portrait, Rafi Papazian, the man behind Monsieur Spoon, the French mecca of bakers delight.

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Bali Bombers, The Best of Bali Street Art

If you live in Bali, have visited Bali or have stayed long enough to absorb a bit of the Bali kulture, you’ve surely seen a few of these.

Bombing through the island, street artists are taking over Bali’s walls, from stencil and graffiti artists to muralists.

Once marginalized as vandals, street artists have taken their place at the forefront of the art scene.
Thanks to EAT SPRAY LOVE BALI we are sharing with you our hit list of the artists that are dominating the scene here.

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Dave Driskell

Well hello there (said with a wink and a smile).

You may have seen him or heard of him, want to be with him or near him, we are talking about none other the highly admirable, local cross-fit dynamo, co-owner of Wanderlust Cross-fit Gym in Canggu, Dave Driskell. With a chiseled body, sculpted beard and enough tattoos to make the Hell’s Angels envious, Dave has reached the fabled height of insta-celebrity. The last time we checked his following rank up in the 76k’s and he had made the list of ‘The Most Eligible Men in Cross Fit’ – get in line ladies!

We wanted to know what made him tick, what was the essence underneath that veneer.  So we invited him for lunch and asked him a few questions. With out a doubt, we were equally impressed as inspired.

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