Casa Mayor

If Dan Drapper was going to decorate his Bali escape, he'd probably start here. This interior shop is filled with tropical delights that have that '50's Il Lido feel. Fun, tasteful and sophisticated, it's time to rethink Bali living; cha, cha..

Piment Rouge

Each one of its stores is like walking into a treasure box of goodies. You'll find a complete range of interior decorating solutions focusing on sleek and modern design where quality and innovation are key. With a rich tradition of mixing the old with the new, your sure to find something that you'll want to...


A well curated, unique collection of gifts and home accessories with a modern feel yet with a decorative and textured finish. HOBO supports the 'real village production program' which you can notice from the natural elements seen through out the shop. Here you'll find familiar pieces married to the eclectic, from javanese batik prints decorating...

Living Karma

Sleek, modern and sophisticated. This Danish owned furniture shop offers you all the right accents and home furnishing that could possibly land your villa in a home spread for DOMUS

SandS Living

A unique home accent and furnishing collection that reflect tradition and modernity. This is a decorators little gem located in the heart of Seminyak..

Stephane Sensey

A designers showcase where you'll find everything from the contemporary to the antique. With a strong european accent on its style. Glam, retro, chic might be the best why to describe this photographers eye for home furnishing. Make sure when there to check out the images on the walls; inviting, large scale black and white...

Balquisse Living

An experience to say the least. Your sure to be mesmorised by its selection of opulent, vintage and timeless treasures.  Located on the busy stripe of Sunset, you'll quickly be transported to another realm filled with beautiful furniture, antiques and curios..

ODD Original Design and Delight

A unique retail, restaurant and gallery space in Canggu. The shop is stocked with creations by local designers both for the body and the home. Curated by well trained eyes. Don't miss it's monthly exhibit showcasing Indonesian based artist which all ways draws the good and the beautiful to it's garden location. You can't miss...

Lio Collection

A smorgasbord of one stop shopping of Bali delights. This is one of the original kids on the block. With 36 years of experience in Bali, pretty much everything that caters to that Balinese aesthetic your looking for can be unearth here..

Warisan Casa

A Bali institution. Its roots stem from the antique trade of the '80's. It has since grown into a behemoth of a selection ranging from the antique to the contemporary. With a well suited stable of  over 400 Balinese craftsmen, Warisan has answers for all of your home furnishing questions and needs..

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