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Bali Unbound Your Travel Guide

Welcome to Bali Unbound

Welcome  to Bali. Indulge your sense of freedom. Explore the abundant energy of this truly vibrant Island. Enchanting and unexpected gems rest on every corner, a mixed array of beaches catering to all your desired senses, stunning sunrises and sunsets, unspoiled rice fields that extend past your eyes horizon, the latest in hotel and restaurant trends and a friendly nightlife scene that will leave you breathless
Nusa Lembongan

If it’s white sand, secluded island coves and low key, rustic...

Bali Buda

A local staple for organic and fresh baked goodies and produce,...

Latest & Greatest
El Hacienda Mexican Bar and Grill

Arriba! Hacienda offers the flavors of Mexico you crave along with the spicy vibe you want to channel. Known…

Da Maria

If your looking for a little dolce vita Bali style, this is the place. Italian- Australian Restaurateur Maurice Terzini…


Looking for a culinary whirlwind of local flavor that indulges your palette with tastes from all around Indonesia, thanks…

Black Shores

This relatively new kid on the Canggu block opened with style and continues to deliver and set the standard…

Cafe Organic

Raw, Organic and unconventional in it's Menu, this is a local favorite when it comes to healthy eating. These…


Koh is the new kid on the clubbing scene. This temple of electro music in Bali is a smaller…

Shanghai Baby Bali

A trifecta of fabulousness! This highly anticipated new addition to Seminyak is a must. Decorated to the nines in…

Shady Shack

Canggu just got a bit more fresh. This tropical oasis of yummy is open for breakfast and lunch. With…


Asian industrial style with a glamorous arty touch. Step into colonial Britain in Shanghai during the 1920s, the heritage…

Mr. Monsieur Spoon, Rafi Papazian

Delicate and sweet, rich and sumptuous, and we are not talking about pastries; introducing our next Bali portrait, Rafi Papazian, the man behind Monsieur Spoon, the French mecca of bakers delight.

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Canggu Surf School

There is a saying, if you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life. This couldn’t be more true than for our next Faces of Bali,  7 faces actually.

If you live in Bali or have ever visited Batu Bolong Beach, you know who our next Faces are…..  the sun kissed, masters of the board and shamans of the sea, the Batu Bolong Surf School and Board Rental crew, the true board riders of Canggu.

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Maree Sutra - Pretty Poison & Crate Cafe

A straight talking, sharp shooter, of an Aussie with heaps of charm and know how, that’s how we’d describe this former sponsored surfer from down under, Maree Suteja, our first Faces of Bali.

Born in Bondi, discovered Bali in 1978, she has been returning here ever since. Currently she is the owner to the two hippest places to be in Canggu, in Bali for that matter: Crate Cafe, the epicenter of hippsterdom and the best coffee in Bali and Pretty Poison, the retro, ooh to cool for school, surf bowl, ‘Dog Town’ style, local watering hole. Read More

Monti - Cantine

A local legend indeed (and not just for streaking down the track at the annual Deus Dress and Drag Race a few years back) !  Our next “Faces of Bali” has been described as a Godfather of Canggu. With a head that wears many hats and a passports which has done a few full tours of the world. Monty Montell has more then a few stories to tell. From restaurateur, photographer, surf comp judge, wedding planner, t-shirt maker, surf and skate memorabilia collector

(we mean museum quality and quantity), this list could go on and on and on…

We sat down to talk nostalgia, collecting and Canggu and got a whole lot more. This co founder of the local staple Canteen and  Lifestyle brand Boomba  has a lot to share.

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I'pin La'tattu of Indigo Tattoo Parlor

When it comes to tattoos, Bali is definitely not lacking in that department. New parlours open as fast as your grass grows after a good, hard rain.
Most are quite talented and well schooled in the various genre’s of the trade but how do you separate the men the men from the boys, the women from the girls…

We were lucky enough to sit down with one of Bali’s,if not Indonesia’s, top masters of the trade, I’pin of Indigo Tattoos in Seminyak, formally of Master’s Ink. Armed with capable, steady hands and a strong eye for detail, start here on your journey.

I’pin is renowned for his micro tattoo’s as well as his realistic imagery. There is no school of the trade that he and his team can’t master.

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